Antiseizure meds causing more pain?!

So something bizarre happened to me several months ago back in september when my neurologist suggested I try Keppra (an antiseizure med). After one day on it i developed WORSE pain. I never had pain with chewing/swallowing before (just with talking) and it seems like the medication stimulated a new kind of pain for me. My neuro reassured me that after several days off the Keppra it should go back to how it was before but lo and behold it's been months and the pain with chewing and swallowing is STILL an issue.

My neurologist claims she has never ever heard of this happening to anyone (i.e. worsening pain that does not subside when the medication is stopped). Has anyone experienced this even to some degree..? It is truly bizarre...In my years of dealing with GPN on and off for years I've never had these symptoms before and I find it highly unlikely for it to be a coincidence that this started the day after I began a new medication. I really think the Keppra did something to the nerve :(