Almost three years post MVD

This November marks my three year anniversary. I am blessed to report that I am still med free and pain free. I haven't forgotten for a moment what it was like. Each day I continue to witness continued healing and freedoms, after 8 years of battling.

My diagnose, as you can read from old posts, was a healthy nerve in conflict with a healthy blood vessel. There was no nerve damage and now, after the procedure, the nerves are relatively healthy .

Although, as a result of the surgery, I have sacrificed my right vocal chord. I spent a few months in speech therapy and 10 months out of work. I work full time as a middle school teacher with the use of a personal amplifier. Without the amplifier, I run out of breath and tire quickly.

My chronic coughing, side effect of procedure/paralyzed vocal chord, has lightened up with each passing month. Swallowing foods (carrots, dry foods...) has become less cumbersome. I eat well and have gained weight. (More than desired with this new found freedom!)

I pray that my testimony inspires someone. It is a journey. Keep focused and faithful. Take small steps. Be patient and seek a supportive group, such as this panel. Don't settle. Keep seeking wisdom. Sometimes, many times, we are more knowledgeable than the professionals. Don't look back, but don't forget the strength it takes to keep pressing on!



Well done Donna. It is great news that you are still painfree. I hope it continues for many years. Mary