One year post op, pain free!

Heading into St. Luke's Hospital in NYC for my one year follow up. So stoked! I have been pain free for the past year. My only residual effect is shortness of breath. I had suffered with GPN for eight years before finally having the surgery! So glad I did. The journey of recovery was a rough one. I had lost my voice for several months. The surgery left me with breathing issues, as I mentioned, and I had coughed myself into a herniated disk requiring a micro discectomy of the L4/5 which was done at Hospital For Special Surgery. With speech therapy and the grace of God, I have fully regained my voice. I am a middle school teacher and returned to work this year. (I missed 10 months of work.) I use a microphone/speaker voice saver device. My advice to my brothers and sisters battling this excruciating condition to seek the best surgeon. Do your research. Don't put a price on your health. What good is money if it can't bring you quality of life. I will continue to pray for your relief. Truly,


That's wonderful, Donna! Thank you for sharing your success story.