A month after myy 2nd MVD surgery

Hi everyone I know I have not gave you a update in a bit but I am a little discouraged wiith the surgery my face twitches worse I now aam waking up with serve headaches but once I am up it seems to go away as long as I don’t over due it. I have a terrible taste in my mouth that does not seem to want to go aaway almost like a tin taste ( best I can disscrube it) they gave me Gabapentin for 7 days. I am looking at changing my job because I do have to relieve the girl at the front and I am just to embarassed of the twitching. I am doing okay I have good days and bad but the weird thing is I have never had back pain but the last three days it is awful pain. I will just take somemore time to see if things will settle down ( they say it will take time)
I am busy with a ffull time job and volenteering for soccer coach and manger of our foster girls hockey team, yes 4 foster children one we will be adopting they keep me going but are amazing when they know I need to rest like little mothers lol

(( hugs )), so hard not to be discouraged some days isn’t it?
How is your tn pain now as compared to before the surgery? Or compared to your 1st MVD?
You have a busy life, and may need to cut back a bit, just to give yourself time to rest more? Listen to all those little mothers in your life ; )
Take good care of you, Mimi

Hi Mimi

This is different then the first one I was sick right away,I dint have a terrible taste in my mouth,the incision hurt the first time.

It is 5weekslater after my 2nd one and it was goodatfirst exceptthe tasteand tired but the taste isstill there( just a terrible taste nothing tastes good), I seem to have a bad headache every morning when i wake u p and get tired so easily, my back hurts so bad which i find weird, i went fir amessage the other day and omg it hurt but i didn't want tosay anything ( my lower back and i never had back pin before),My face twitches s bad more or the same as before my first MVD surgery so discouraging. My husband gottickets ti the Riders football game but i am s embraced about the twitching I dint want to go and noise omg will killmy head. Anyhow why didi do the first one nothing has changed exceot now i have a shaved left sideofmy head and a big scar. Sorry just reak OK y discouraging