6 months after second MVD surgery

Hello everyone

  1. Just thought i would update you how i doing. I am back to work finally but headaches are starting back up almost like a bad toothache on the side of my head. We have changed the lighting to see if it helps, i get dizzy a fare amount ,my hearing comes and goes, i got back my taste buds last week, finally. My face twitches twice as much so that is dissappointing . I don't take prescription meds, tynol and IB`s only. I am waiting to see a specialist in Calgary. I hope everyone else is doing great

Hi CathieLynn,
Good to see you, although sorry to hear you’re still suffering.
What kind of specialist are you seeing in Calgary? I live just outside of Edmonton.
I ended up deciding on MVD , and am having it in Winnipeg with Dr. Kaufmann, sometime within the next 7 months.
When you say twitches do you mean like electric shock TN pain?
I hope you find relief soon, perhaps going on an anticonvulsant might help?
Thinking of you, keep in touch…
((( hugs ))) Mimi xx

Glad you aren't on any anticonvulsants! Glad that tylenol and IB are doing the job.

HI Mimi.. Mine is with a lady Neuro surgeon.. I looked at the reviews some not so good so I am actually got an appointment with my Neurologist here in Saskatoon just to see what he says.. my It was my the Neuro surgeon that wants a second opinion. I was hoping they would send me to Winnipeg but he didn't ..

The twitching doesn't hurt but omg it drives me nuts (way worse then before the surgury's) pulls and twitches like crazy and sometimes my eye closes for a few seconds till it lets us.. I have pain in my left side of my head but not enough to take pain killers , heating bag and Tynol with IB helps most times but it never goes away completely ever... Mimi Left me know about how Dr. Kaufmann.. Mine is with Dr. Kiss I have not got a date yet .. Thanks :)