Waiting for my 2nd MVD for hemifacial disorder

They cancelled my surgery for next week as I have to have a specialist from Alberta overlook the operation due to the complications. So he only has Sept 17,24,27th open. Once my neuro surgeon gets back from Germany on the 19th he will try and get all teams together and let me know what day.

I can't beleive how sore my head still is and my ear is aching more each day, my eye is twitching to the point that it sometimes won't open. I wake up with headaches almost every morning but once I get up and go to work I bury my head in my work and make it through my days. When I get home the kids are happy and wanting my attention and they make such a huge difference as I focus on them and keeps my mind off it till bed. Now, bedtime is hard the twitching is so bad that it keeps me awake..

Well, I feel positive about the surgery and just can't wait to get it done. I will up date after my surgery , each day I read everyones up dates and I shouldn't complain people have it alot worse then me.

Hang in there Cathie Lynn.

I changed from Tegretol to Gabapentin this Spring for my TN. At the same time I also have some facial twitching problems that my Neuro will not confirm or deny is HFS. From my reading, a post between us that Red chimed in on I'm pretty sure its also HFS.

Two weeks ago I was having a lot of TN problems so an ER doc increased my Gabapentin until I next see my Doctor. Funny thing, my twitching has lessened. Not sure if the decreased twitching is related to the Gaba increase. Current Gaba dose is 1800mg / day split into 3 doses of 600mg each.

Possible med suggestion to help carry you through to Sept? Just sharing my experience in case it helps you in any way.

finally my surgery is booked Sept 17th, My left side feels like I have a ton of bricks in it , so heavy feeling, my ear feels plugged all the time and so many sleepless nights. I am scared to death because I know the pain I will have for weeks later.. and shaved hair again ..