4 Months Post MVD

Well things are going much better than before MVD. I had been experiencing some numbness/tightness on upper right temple. I visited my neurologist this week who advised I will be finding different sensations as my head is healing. That was a big relief as I had been worried this feeling was going to be permanent. Fortunately it lasted about 2 weeks but it was weird.

I was told that my last MRI in December showed that the TN nerve was less inflamed or the signal passing through the nerve was not as strong. Thankfully that is a good thing. She advised I was on the right path and advised me to stay on 200 mg of Carbamazepine daily. I do not go back to her till the fall of the year

I am very grateful that Dr Janetta developed the MVD procedure. I was able to listen to him speak at a TN conference in 2008 but due to my fear of the thought of brain surgery I waited until 2014 to have the operation. Hindsight is 20/20 but back then some doctors were stating MVD was for type 1 TN wherein I suffered with a combination of TN-1 and more so of TN-2. I really wish I had chanced this operation sooner but am so pleased to be getting an actual life even though I still despise extremely cold weather and windy days

I hope spring comes soon but I am not wishing my life away as there is so much more I can do now but am hibernating right now (-14 Celcius). I do keep looking for a reasonable priced trip to someplace warm just to get my bones warmed up and let my face do some extra big smiling!

Take care to all of you and thanks again for all your kind words and support. Please know that TN is always top of my list to inform others and be supportive of us who know the pain
Love to all

Chip, where was this surgery done?


I had my MVD done at Toronto Western Hospital