Winter is here again

Folks now with winter here again, I am still looking for a hat that does not make me look like a member of the SWAT team or an avid hunter. Ladies I notice may cowls that would look nice on almost all of you in the TN Fashion Show. But there was really nothing for the guys. Any recommendations would be a great help.

On they have crocheted or knitted, I'm not sure which for men that have a full cap that covers your ears and then they added an knitted beard and mustach! It may be meant as a joke, but they have been selling them. Even though I'm not a man, I've sure lost my fashion style with as much wrapping up as I do. In scarves I have sewn in pockets to hold hand warmers on really bad day. LL Bean has a hood with multiple attachments that can cover you up over the nose! You can add or detach four different layers or attachments. Looks quite possible to look normal if it's really cold out They are both male and female, I'm thinking about ordering it this winter. kg

Sorry, it wasn't LL Bean, but Lands End that had the multi piece head and face covering..just don't get it in black! Take a look on their website. You don't have to wear all the pieces. You can still safety pin a hand warmer inside near the worst are of pain. Someone else suggested Lidocaine ointment, which you can only use spaingly and need a prescription, it also comes in a patch ( I used it when I had shingles, worked great) but it is a white stick on patch. The other day the cold weather kicked in dental pain for me and I tried baby teething gel for the first time on my molars and surrounding gum area..helped for awhile.