Who would you go see for all teeth out? Denture Help

I was told by the Dept. Head of Oral Surg.- of our local Huge university - that TN has nothing to do with oral surg.... just happenstance I guess -- that the two occured in the same week of October right? Neurologist said the same thing -- I told him it was less than 100 years ago that we had epileptics commited for life and locked away and chained to walls - some correlation between dentistry and TN as one of the official causes will be proved some day I believe.

Anyway -- Both of my parents had bad teeth - I have not had dental ins. for a decade while in school and raising kids. Needless to say I have had so many root canals, implants, extractions, caps, fillings - holding things together - now gum disease and maybe bone loss --

but the worst is the constant sinus infections - these teeth must come out. My white blood cell count remains up a bit - I've been on every antibiotic lately. I'm fighting a losing battle trying to hold on to these icky teeth.

Neurologist said to stay on Trileptal and notify whomever pulls them --- I want to just wake up with pretty teeth -- Will have to get the bargain basement price teeth-in-a-day for now -- better ones when I get married April Fools Day!

I left a message with a periodontist - seems well educated from her website - I want somebody who is not an oral surg. or a regular dentist to recommend to me the best person to replace my teeth - and what the implications might be.

I can already picture soooo much PTSD when I do get this done - If I can find a specialist in the Kansas City area -- what type of professional would you get a consultation with? I only have $$ for one consultation appt. I don't want to waste it on a bargain basement denture guy who reallly doesn't know TN.

Oh and great tips on getting dental work here -- but I need more assurance from somebody who will listen to my story and understands TN before I find a denture guru. I'm actually afraid nobody will do this once they find out I have TN -- ANYONE here had dentures after the fact?