What is wrong with me?!?!?!

I am having such a hard time right now its unbearable. I don't get why things keep getting worse. Obviously I have TN but now I'm getting the worst headaches I've ever had in my life (they aren't like migraines I've had in the past) and the base of my skull feels like its being put in a vice and squeezed or even like a overfilled water balloon that's ready to burst. I can't concentrate in class, I almost passed out again today and I feel really sick right now. I can't call my mom because she won't listen and the health center is closed for the holiday. I don't think this is the medication, something just doesn't feel right. I can't even do my homework right now I"m in so much pain. I just want it all to be over. Somebody please help!!!!!

Talk to your mum, if it is a different type of headache you should be checked out by doctor at very least. If all doctors closed go to emergency department. Good luck, hope you get some help soon.

I have had that exact pain u are describing. It is the TN and it is the worst. Get well soon feeling your pain

So both my friend Heather and I have decided that my mom is just really concerned and getting angry is her way of dealing with it. She called me today and said she bought me the book "fighting Back" (that many people here had recommended that I buy but I never asked her for because I was afraid she would say no) and that it should be in next week. She also asked me what type of tegretol I had because she had read someones blog where they suggested crushing the pill and putting it under the tongue for instant relief. Sadly I have extended release capsules so that wasn't going to work. I guess what I'm saying is she's finally starting to try and learn something or at least try to help. Sort of standing up to her yesterday may have upset her but it made her try to help me a little bit today. Hopefully we keep making progress and I'm going to talk to my doctor about the new symptoms on Tuesday at my appointment.