What i was told about MVD insurance, Help please! :)

I called to make an appointment with a Neurosurgeon who was recommended to me. Its at Mt, Sinai in NYC and im being told they only take Medicaid or medicare and no private insurances. My mother is buying me insurance so before we go any further i wanted to ask others and see how they took care of it insurance wise. I don't understand why they wont take private insurance, and medicaid can take up to 45 days to get in New York. This Dr also specializes in MVD, but im thinking i may be in better hands at the Mayo Clinic. I'm scared and want an EXPERIENCED Neurosurgeon who deals with TN. I need to have a procedure done and i dont know where to start now :( if anyone has been in this situation please let me know if you had to buy insurance or if this medicade is a standard thing....thanks so much everyone!

Hi Jen,
In your other thread on this same topic, Kari posted a link for you that they do accept other insurances. I’m posting the link here in case you missed it!

I would definitely call them back at Mt. Sinai and refer to this list .
Good luck! (( hugs )) Mimi

Mt Sinai not accepting private insurance?!? Since when? I think you have been fed a line of, well you get my drift. Being that you are now in Florida, are you looking at Mayo clinic Jacksonville, FL? They have a excellent program and are a lot closer.