Ways to relieve the pain?

I'm new to this site and was just diagnosed with TN a few months ago. I'm trying to learn more about it and how it impacts me. I'm learning about the various triggers that cause the pain to start for me, but I am wondering what all you do to relieve the pain (other than medication, of course).

I'd love to hear what tricks you may have discovered. Any and all suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance.

Hi Mel,
Glad you joined LwTN it’s a great place to learn and support one another.
The funny thing about TN is that we all respond differently to the meds or other remedies.
I can tell you that a microwaveable heating bag helped me tremendously by taking the edge off. When I was out I would take those hot pockets that you shake up to heat in the winter months, these helped too.
I also use a lidocaine cream called emla that I bought over the counter here in Canada, it’s expensive at around 15.00 for a tiny tube but it works!!

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Take care, Mimi

It sounds horrible but I’ve found that if you put a different kind of pain to where the strongest pain is it helps with it… It’s like creating a new pain but it helps with the sharper pain… Soo it brings a dull pain rather than that electricifying shooting pain… If all that makes sense! Haha