Someone PLEASE tell me how to deal with this. This week I have had 5 flares. NOTHING helps. NOTHING. Usually i can get migraine meds to work, but not today. Nothing is working. It's all up the left side of my face, even down the left side of my neck. My head feels too heavy to hold up.

I'm at my wits end right now...

I just want this pain to stop. Maybe I should just lay down and TRY to relax.

Hi Elayna,
So sorry you’re in such pain.
My bag of tricks is small, heating pad and emla cream ( it’s a lidocaine mix cream) I bought my emla cream over the counter at my pharmacy. No prescription needed, and it freezes/numbs the area, relieves a lot of the pain. A small tube cost 15$, expensive but so worth it.
I hope you find relief soon, thinking of you, (( hugs )) Mimi

So sorry Elayna. Ditto on what Mimi says but I'm so sorry you are in so much pain. Mine is different but I can relate. Some times I find I can use a bag of frozen veggies if thats not one of your triggers. I wll be praying for you. Hopeyou have less pain soon.

Finally around 5am things started working and I was able to sleep. I think it was just the something in the atmosphere.. but it was driving me out of my mind. I think that had to be one of the worst flares in a long time.