Pain returned

So over time I have figured out some of my triggers and living with TN has changed my life. I see a neurologist that seems to have so many patients that it feels like an assembly line and he has little interest in my treatment. People don’t seem to understand this pain, like oh nerve pain that’s nothing, just because they can’t physically see what’s wrong. It’s like it can’t hurt that bad. I am wondering if anyone has a sensitivity to hot and cold. I ate a piece of cold fruit and it was a mango slightly hard and it sent my TN off. Does anyone have any ideas for pain solutions that are home remedies. My pain has returned severely and it’s hard to take any heavy pain meds because I work and can’t have side affects on my job. If anyone can help I would so greatly appreciate it. Thanks

Hi Lesley,
I used a microwaveable heating pad as well as a lidocaine mixed cream called Emla both of these helped take the edge off, this is how I survived until my MVD in April.
I was on heavy meds but my TN became med resistant.
Hope this helps, Mimi :slight_smile: