Vitamin B12 Injection Shortage

I went to see my GP yesterday I hadn’t seen him in almost two years because I’ve been seeing nothing but specialists. While I was there I asked him about getting a b12 shot and his staff told me there is more than a year back order on the shots!!! I looked it up on the website and it appears to bd true! Are you guys outside the US having this same problem? I already take b12 sublimguals, but was told by my neuro I would probably benefit from the injections even more. Just curious if anyone else has run into this.

It could be because the baby boomer population in entering into senior citizen age. That is the main population for B12 injections. Just thought I would throw that out there. Just my answer not that of medical world. It sounds like it would make sense. Good Luck Heather. Just wanted to add, how are you and how is your pregnant girlfriend doing? Better I pray
My Best