Visalus - Ice in shakes causing pain, perhaps?

Hello All,

I have started the Visalus 90 day challenge today, and my pain level is out the roof. I could swear that the pain is peaking shortly after I begin drinking one of the shakes. Have any of you found that ice cold beverages increase your pain? Ice cold winds do trigger mine to become worse (while constant dull pain is most common b/c it is type II) so I would think that it is highly possible. I typically do not use ice in my drinks, and most often carry around a bottle of water so it is rare that I drink an ice cold drink. These shakes are supposed to increase energy, so I wonder, too, if it could be an ingredient in it that may be causing stimulation.

Thanks, in advance, for any advice,

Cold and hot foods can set off my TN but not always but if I’m in a lot of pain I just have every tepid.
Can you try the shakes at room temp tomorrow and see if that makes any difference?

I can, and will, if I could ever get it together this morning. I was up all night in pain, with heart burn that wouldn’t go away no matter what I took, because I had to take more pain medicine because the antacids make the neuralgia med that I take at night not wrk if they’re taken too close together. Up and drove 60+ miles to wrk, only to discover that I left my pain med on my night stand at home…and with the sudden drop in temperature the pain just gets worse every time I step outside. Broke down crying at wrk…and now I’m driving to meet my boyfriend half way to get med for the pain. I just wanna crawl back in bed :frowning:

In the last few weeks, I have had to stop eating and drinking anything that is not at room temperature. The last time I had ice cream started pain and burning originating in the roof of my mouth and extending into my sinuses. Before then, it was hot food that started pain. I hope you feel better soon.

Oh Ash, sorry you had such an awful night and a tough start to the day.
I’m in Australia so not familiar with the shakes you are taking but sometimes trying to have something that is easy just doesn’t work out for us.

I had some hideous days last week and couldn’t face making my homemade smoothies and soups so my hubby bought me some mousses and custards from the supermarket as a “nice surprise”. They were sickly sweet and having them cold from the fridge made my face ache so I ended up in tears of exhaustion and frustration.

Give that boyfriend a big hug, what a sweetie.

Hope the day improves, good luck with trying the shakes without the ice.

Hugs Trish

I AM feeling much better now. Thank you. Also, I left the ice out of the shake today, and used a straw (since the almond milk is cold). This seemed to work much better.

HI Trish! You evidently posted while I was typing my last response. It took me a minute fo finally post…I’m multi-tasking over here :slight_smile: It never gets old hearing others saying that they, too, have ended up in tears of exhaustion and frustration. Not that I am glad ANY of us have to go through this, but it helps me to “give myself a break”. I feel like I should be able to handle it better, sometimes. After gaining weight from the meds, I am so desperate to find something that will help me to lose some of it. I work 45-50 hours a week, and commute 10 hours a week, M-F…so it’s difficult trying to find time to workout, and that’s IF I’m having a “good day” as far as the pain is concerned. Not to mention working out itself can trigger pain on some days. sigh Your husband sounds super sweet, too. I’m glad that you have someone that is that supportive! I AM so very fortunate to have a very compassionate boyfriend. I hope you have a good day as well!

One more thing. I feel that I should explain why I went off on that tangent, since you are not familiar with the shakes. They are part of a weight loss plan.

So glad things are going better for you. I get on those horrible scales every day and I have found it so much harder to keep my weight under control since having tn.

Take care and have a pain free day…or is it night now. I am hopeless with time zones lol