Using magnesium supplements for pain relief

How many of us have tried magnesium supplements? There seems to be some good evidence that magnesium supplements help people with nerve pain (such as people with fibromyalgia).

Here's an article (oh how I love Dr Oz!) explaining magnesium for nerve pain:

My husband was saying the other day that horses get TN (as part of "headshaking syndrome") and one treatment is magnesium.

I've been taking a magnesium supplement that also has cramp bark in it. Interestingly enough when I got sick of taking about 10 pills at night I cut down to a multivitamin as far as supplements go and my pain has come back. So I guess it's back to the magnesium to see! I also take B12 tablets which can be beneficial for nerve health.

The naturopath said it's good for sleep issues and nerve issues like restless legs, so it makes sense that it might help a little. But if you take too much, it gives you diarrhea, she cautioned me. You're supposed to take a low dose twice a day, but I haven't kept up with it myself.

I take magnesium and B vitamins. Initially, they helped me a lot, the relief I got after drinking water with magnesium chloride was immediate, now it seems that just magnesium and vitamins are not enough any longer, but I'll definitely keep on using them. I go to a psychotherapist and he highly recommends magnesium for neuralgias. I also noticed that I sleep a lot better and don't get cramps in my calves at night any more. I heard that magnesium baths are also very good, especially for those who have difficulties absorbing magnisium internally.

I take magnesium and B12 as well as other supplements and recently stopped and my pain is back full force. Interesting as I never put two and two together so thank you .... I'm going to re-start everything and see what happens :)

A word of caution ... people with kidney disease should not take magnesium supplements.

Yeah it says about kidney issues. I was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy 2 years ago but so far my kidney function is normal so I'm okay at the moment to take it.