Upper Cervical

I am almost afraid to say anything …I went yesterday to an Upper Cervical Chiropractor and had an adjustment. A friend had urged me to go and after researching the results for TN, I figured what the heck. I had to quit taking my tegretol due to increased heart rate, headaches and sleeplessness. Anyhoo, he told me the results would not be overnight and to give it time. Where am I going??? I was actually impressed with the theory behind upper cervical. The adjustment was definitely different. I still feel a little twang every now and then, but yesterday my ear was on fire and that is gone. I will keep you posted.

You betcha

Two days since my adjustment. Also, two days without tegretol. I am still taking gabapentin, but the twinges are less frequent and there are long periods with no hint of pain. I went back today. My scan showed improvement so no adjustment. He only adjusts if your scan shows a misalignment. He says you retrace …meaning you go backwards with your condition you may still have some bad days, but they are fewer and less intense. So far he’s right. Google " What time Tuesday".


I am so glad you are having success so far!!! My question is are you seeing a regular chiropractor that knows upper cervical techniques or are you going to a specialized kind of chiropractor. I don't know much about all of this, but I have been thinking about trying this out. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find an"upper cervical" chiropractor near me. Thanks for the info!!

This is all he does. He does no other chiropractic adjustment. You must be sure that he is NUCCA. Even then, they do scans and only adjust when the scans show you are not improving.

I am totally off tegretol, and only taking neurontin 400 3x's a day. Saturday and Sunday I had tightness and TN2 pain which I could deal with, except for the anxiety of not knowing. When I went to the Chiropractor on Monday he said I had slipped back out of alignment, and he adjusted C1 again. I have had only mild whispers a couple of times since yesterday. I experienced almost instant relief from the intense burning in my ear. I am going to continue with him. It seems to be giving me relief.

It has been two full weeks with upper cervical. I had to be adjusted again this past Monday, but from the way I feel, I think I have held the adjustment this time. I wish I had the nerve to go off all meds, but I am not there yet. I think I will wait until I go a whole day without a hint of tn2 pain.

Beginning third week with Upper Cervical. Played golf yesterday in 50 degree weather. I kept my ears covered (that's where my TN2 pain is). I have had less and less symptoms every day this past week. I went today, and have held my adjustment so nothing was done. Saturday, I had relatively long periods where I didn't think about the TN, I take that as a good sign. I don't know if there is any scientific reasoning behind this, but I know I feel better. I still take Neurontin 400 3x's a day, but I am thinking about tapering that down soon. I am still afraid, that is why I am still taking the Neruontin.

That's amazing! I'm really glad to hear you're having success with the adjustments. Just make sure if you decide to go off the meds that you taper down so your body reacts well.

I learned my lesson on that with tegretol. I went off it a little too quickly. I having such a reaction to the tegretol, I don’t know which was worse. Either way, I ended up in the ER. I am amazed at how frightened I am of the pain coming back.

I know my adjustment from two weeks ago slipped…tn2 pain this weekend I go tomorrow and I already know I will need a third adjustment. He says the goal is to hold the adjustment longer each time. Most people it seems the third one holds quite a while. I know this has no scientific studies to back it up, but for me, I seem to be getting results. I know each time I am adjusted the pain is soooo much less and stays gone for long periods of time.