Unable to adjust Neck angle and stop shooting pain to the jaw

Hi there, has anyone had an issue with attempting to sleep and are unable to find angle in which the shooting pain to the jaw is calmed. ? I have tried looking up while trying to hold my head twisting it slowly to possibly find a spot where the pain stops.
Friday I go in for MVD and am hoping that this terrible condition can be eradicated from my life.
Let me know what works for sleep for you that are having an issue similar, thanks, BB

I have a hard time with my jaw. Instead of shooting pains I feel like my jaw is broken. I try to relax as much as possible before bed. I use sleepy time tea and lavender lotion. With the muscle relaxers I can normally fall asleep quickly. When it’s bad that doesn’t always work. I feel your pain.

I have alot of trouble with feeling like my jaw is broken when i lay down also. I recently purchased a few “My Pillows” for the first time in ALONG (years) time i was able to get rest. The key is getting support without feeling the weight of your head. I think these pillows are made from shredded memory foam.