Twibbon-Teal ribbon on pic

AcuppaCoffee just provided the link to "Twibbon", where you can add the TN ribbon to your profile pic in Facebook or Twitter. Glad to have found it. I wondered where others got their ribbon. I am going to play with it a bit and hope to add the lupus ribbon right beside it. Here's the link if you want to try it.

Thanks Sheila have added to facebook page

Would love to do this but having problems! Not sure if I am doing it right but page goes funny and I have to log off to get rid of it. Any ideas?

Sorry Clare, I'm sure not good with computer problems. Maybe the browser you use makes a difference. A lot of websites no longer work on Internet explorer.

thanks for getting the word out ! where can we actually buy a ribbon to wear?

Lbudd, the person that g ot the ribbon developed and accepted is TNNME. Here is her page, you can ask her how to buy the real ribbons by commenting on her page.