I have become aware certain foods and situations will trigger an attack. Although, I have had attacks last for three days with pain level between 7 and 9 with no apparant trigger. While chewing has always been an issue I had been able to eat tomato slices, soft burritos, etc. Now, if I eat anything spicy, anything with seeds in it, or even drink lemonade it triggers a horrible long-lasting attack. I am down to plain Greek yogurt, pudding, broth soup, water, and white grape juice sometimes. I am losing weight but constantly feel like I am starving. Other triggers are cold, I tried an ice pack but that caused an attack. Heating pad eases pain some. Highly stressful situations spike an attack. Does anyone else experience any of these?

My triggers are; talking, crying, eating, laughing, kissing and the phone touching my face. Wearing glasses, makeup and taking a shower. crunchy food, any food that touches my hard palate. wind on my face and looking down. Basicly, anything that makes life enjoyable.

Talking has always been the worst trigger, even more so lately. I made the mistake of having a conversation Thursday and spent six hours in pain. I took tje meds, tried yoga and relaxation, prayed, and cried..which made it worse. Chewing also irritated the nerve but now it is the yogurt, pudding, broth, starvation diet. Laughing was fine six months ago but the pain has progressed so much...I am terrified. How much worse can it get? I have had all the "classic" triggers but the spicy foods and stressful situations are something relatively new.