Ask your friend to join our Eagle community, where there is a doctors list that may help. There is a link to it on the Communities List.

They are not interested in joining any groups, hence why I am asking the question.

I believe the doctors list is readable without joining the site. There is a tab at the top of the Eagle page.

Thank you for that but there are only a few specialists listed and none of them are in the UK. They are all from the USA, and one in the Ukraine, so absolutely no help.

Actually, there are three from the UK on the list: http://www.livingwitheagle.org/forum/topics/4-10-15-updated-doctor-lists

On the instructions I have given it does not take you to the same link that you provided so maybe this needs to be updated.

On the Eagles homepage - http://www.livingwitheagle.org/ there is a link to Doctors List (doctors we love) and there are NO surgeons for the UK listed there. Seems to be a mismatch between this and the list to the link you provided. Thanks for that link.

I referred you to the tab at the top of the page. That is a list compiled by site volunteers, and is correct. The button you used in the left column is for an in-progress database for BF that is at the beginning stages. I have no control over the progress of that project.