Do you have a great doctor?

Hi Everyone,

I just checked out our Doctors database on the members tab and we don't seem to have many Doctors in there for this group. Given the number of folk on our site, if you have a great specialist or hospital anywhere in the world - would you take five minutes to put your recommendation in the database please. This can be a great help to others looking a doctor.

How to check if you're doctors on the database:

  • Select the Doctors option from the Members tab above
  • Scroll down the terms and conditions box and select the agree button.
  • To check if you're doctor is on the database select the GPN box and all the doctors for GPN will come up

If your doctor isn't there, here's how to enter them in:

  • Select the "Recommend a Physician" link at the top right hand side of the page.
  • This will take you through to a form where you can complete your favourite doctors details.

A big thank you for sharing :)


I don't see a Doctors tab.

Hi Icepick - thank you for adding to the database - if you put your mouse over the word "members services" in the blue ribbon at the top of the page - a list with the word "Doctors" in it should appear. You then click your mouse on the word "Doctors". Hope this helps. :)

Thank you, but it will not open. other tabs will.

Hi Icepick - you're right another tab doesn't actually open, - the text should change colour when you hover your mouse over it, and list should appear below it. This is where you select "Doctors" from. May see if we can make it a bit easier to get to.. If its easier, send me a message with your doctor details and I'll put them in for you. Hope this helps :)

Thank you to everyone who has added their favourite doctors to our database - this makes it so much easier for others in need to find someone who can help them quickly. If you haven't yet, please take the five minutes - it really is a huge help for others..

All the best :)


Smiley, I received your message and tried to reply there, but does not look like it sent. So will try here. I gave you the name of Dr. Olds who was helpful with DX. Dr. Ellenbogen referred me to Dr. Sekhar in his office --I have not seen either of them yet so can not really say if I would add to the list or not. Lets hope I have a +++ referral for you later. For now maybe you should take Dr. Ellenbogen off because I have never seen him. Also I can get to the list of doctors but can not open any comments.

Thank you for all you do.

Hi Ice Pick - thank you :) I had a quick look and the comment when opened is a standard statement saying recommended by a member of Ben's friends. I'll follow up on whether anyone else has referred them. Hope all goes well for you.. Regards, Smiley:)