To Doface

I just sent a friend request to you. I too have a mix of TMJ but with atypical type 2 trigeminal neurologia, sometimes acts like atypical facial pain. However when the barometric pressure changes my jaw locks up and I get very deep ear pain, a plugged feeling too with the whole feeling like I have been slapped on just the right side of my face and jaw. Difficulty chewing. I had tmj surgery in '86 with atypical facial pain, this is new pain for a year now. I was in remission from this for over 20 years. I am not responding to meds very well, relying more on a narcotic, being careful so I do not get tolerant, I can only take low dosages of all the meds because of side effects, but without them I know I would feel worse. Gabapentin 300 3x, tegretol 50 mg. 1x, was up to 400 mg. but would not stop vomiting, valium 5mg. 3 to 4x, (switching to baclofen next month) and lastly a low dose of percocet 5mg. to 7.5 mg. as needed. Moist heat when the jaw and ear ache and I do an exercise of plugging my nose and blowing into my ears to get them to pop is helpful. Please let me know what you are doing to manage yours. I am hoping for remission again, it has happened before. Happy holidays and I am glad I found you, your pain seems similar to mine somewhat. Sharon

Remission for over 20 years, wow! xx