TNA Facial Pain Association - Young Patients Committee

Hi, my name is Tiffany Smith and I am the Founder and Chairperson of TNA's brand new Young Patients Committee ("YPC"). For those of you on the TNA listserve, you should have received an email announcing the formation of the YPC. We are currently accepting applications for the remaining YPC Board positions. If you are interested in serving on the YPC, please message me and I will give you further information. If you are not interested in serving as a YPC Board member, but would like to be added to the YPC listserve, you can also message me your information.

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What’s this about?

I was diagnosed last week. I have ATN really bad, and I am 23. I graduated from the University of Georgia a year ago in Statistics. If I can be useful in ANY way I am here.


I am catching up on your story, and would love an update. I read you went to the Mayo clinic, I am hoping to go there soon (for ATN)… what year did you go if you don’t mind me asking? I hope all is well.