TN remission

I am wondering if anyone has recovered from TN through medical therapies or are in remission. I have read that TN can just dissappear suddenly for a period of time. Are there exercises that help sooth the pain or assist with retaining control over the brain. I have been fighting this for a year and I refuse to let it stop me...I am always looking for a new way to deal with my condition as it seems to have its own agenda that I must always adjust to from day to day. Please share your positive stories I would love to hear them. Thank you all

You might find it useful to join the group here which focuses on"Success Stories". See:

While I haven't seen solid evidence for reliable exercises to "assist in retaining control over the brain", there are a few basic principles that seem to help some people some of the time. Exercise is generally good for all of us, raising endorphin levels and promoting feelings of well being. In this context non-impact exercise like Tai Chi Chuan and basic Yoga seem to do better for more people than jogging or Pilates. You'll need to be careful of any cardio exercise which raises blood pressure significantly. Likewise, some patients report positive outcomes from daily hours spent in centering, meditation and mindfulness.

On the whole, what I hear from a good many years of talking to TN patients, is that nobody has answers which generalize to show us a repeatable way toward promoting remissions. It's a one-day-at-a-time experience that each patient explores for themselves.

Go in Peace and Power


Hi LexxisStrong,

I have had remission. I had a seven year remission after the first year of having TN. I didn't think it would ever come back but it did. That was two and a half years ago. I have had a couple of smaller remissions since. Last summer was basically pain free.

My mom also has TN and she has been in remission for five years. Hers is coming back though. We were talking about some problems she is having with teeth and jaw that are the same as what I have had.

I have also gone through periods where my medication helped me manage my ATN very well. Amitriptyline really stopped it in its tracks for me. I have since switched to Nortriptyline because of side effects. I don't find it works as well but I am managing for now.

I certainly haven't come up with anything that will stop the pain but there are some things that I have learnt.

Stress, anxiety and lack of sleep are my worst triggers. You need to take care of yourself and rest. Especially when you are having a flare up. I used to get very, very anxious and frightened by the pain wondering what it is, why I have it, how bad will it get, will it ever leave. I don't do that any more. I know what it is. I have learnt to continue on with my day despite it...a mind over matter thing I guess. Except once it reaches a certain level it is overwhelming and I need to just go to bed.

I have simplified my life, let go of stressful relationships or tasks that are not truly important. I know when I need to stop and those around me that matter understand.

I have found that physio and acupuncture help me a lot. It does help directly with some of my symptoms and eases the stress and tension that pain creates in my body.

It is an ongoing grieving process and acceptance is fleeting. But with time comes some experience for sure. I hope that you can find some relief from your pain.