I think, cautiously and hopefully, that I am in remission. I am down to one dose of 100mg of Carbamazapine daily. I have been reducing the Carbamazapine for about ten days now and still feel dizzy and headachy. Has anyone had a remission period and or reduced their meds. These are both firsts for me. Hoping so desperately to get my life back for at least a while.

I have lowered and raised meds according to remission-like life periods. Got diagnosis Oct 2010, had MVD Oct 2011

The meds drove me to it. I have to tell you, remission is a great thing, but the PTSD of having TN zap me back was tough to take = several times in the last 1.5 years

You should do this under doctor or pharmacist knowledge!

Hi Patty,glad to hear you are feeling better.I am also taking carbamazipine(tegretol) and have dropped down to 1 x 100g tablet which i take at night.I have dropped down from 400mg (200 morning and night)I have always had a lot of night pain and just can't stop the night one otherwise it keeps me awake with pain in my left jaw.Cold days are a worry though and by late afternoon i can feel it niggling away but no where near as bad as it was.Hopefully remission isnt far away.

I had one attack a few years ago that lasted three weeks then nothing for two years. Then gradually the discomfort came back until it attacked again. Of course it could be remission, but I would keep my meds at all times just in case. And do things in the mean time. Go on vacation while you can etc. It's so possible. I was also on clomazapam that I took at night for pelvic pain. This was before I was diagnosed with TN but it didn't interfere with my daily life. I hope it is remission and may it last for a looooong time.