Tn is about to win!

The last 10 months have been like hell! I don't know where to go from here.This tn is far from new, it started over 20yrs.ago.I am now going through the same meds.over again, their not helping this time either.I am in a chronic pain group, also doing bio feedback.Waiting for accupuncture in 3weeks, eariest they could get me in.Will see a new gp in Dec. hoping she can get me a nutritioust and some kind of physical therapy, etc. Besides that I need a pain Dr. in mi.Now! I can't stand this pain any longer.I know what my body needs and I am trying to do the right things, I also know that diludid will stop this HORRIBLE pain and I am not just somekind of a druggie! I just can't. handle this 24-7 pain much longer. I read a news article awhile back that talked about pain patients that needed opiods for their pain so they could live a good life and function. That's all I am asking for.These patients that weren't getting the right help were the ones seeking help elsewhere. I never thought I would be one of them.I have tried everything I have researched.I have got NOWHERE! But a big round and I want off this n merry-go -round my whole head Hurst so bad and between the tears I can know longer see to type. Thanks, Wishing this terrbile disease will go away for all of us!!

It sounds to me like your physicians have used a band aid approach to your care. Have you had any diagnostic testing from a neurologist or been referred to a neuro surgeon for micro vascular decompression surgical consideration. I went the medicine route for 6 years finally having no relief with break thru pain on my last episode. My mri results were the best a TN patient could hope for with clear evidence of the superior cerebellar artery compressing the Trigeminal Nerve on the side that my symptoms were on. I did a lot of research and found a neuro surgeon that I felt very confident in who uses a minimally invasive endo scope to approach and repair the condition at Cedar Sinai Hospital in LA. By the way, I live in North Idaho. The surgery was done in July, I had one day of moderate discomfort after and went home on day 3 following the surgery. I have had 0 episodes of pain in over 4 months. Not all TN are surgically repairable; I was very fortunate. My point is, there are options and don't just settle for taking meds and living with the pain the rest of your life! Find someone who will aggressively pursue options and a path to travel to get you the relief you need.

My best wishes, thoughts, and prayers go out to you!!!

Jay in North Idaho

Dawn how about the E.R? Often a dose of painkiller there stops the cycle of pain/sleeplessness/worse pain so well that the pain goes to a bearable level for a few weeks.A lot of us find no relief without opiates. If you tell the E.R. that you have an appt in a few weeks, they may prescribe you the meds you need until you get in to that Dr. I know today it seems like the end, that you've lost, but you haven't. My motto is an old war motto. "I'll lay me down & bleed awhile, then rise and fight again." Right now you're laying down t heal emotionally so you can rise and fight this pain again. We ll have been where you are now. I hope you can press the doctor to get in sooner or go to the E.R.

I don't have much in the way of help to offer but wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and hoping you get some relief soon.

I’m so so sorry for you and I understand. You might research UPPER CERVICAL chiropractor. I was having the horrendous jolts every 10minutes and after I saw him I was out of pain the same day. If you are like me you have nothing to lose. You might do research on the internet. Most of them offer a free consultation.

I hope you are getting some relief. Hang in there. Stay strong!