TN caused by dental implant procedure saga continues

Happy 4th of July to all,

My friends last year I reported TN symptoms caused by full mouth implant restoration. Back then it was diagnosed that the back mandible right molar implants were touching/compressing a branch of IAN. The two molars were removed and the unbearable throbbing electric pain that was driving crazy was resolved. After the removal of the lower molar implants a pain surfaced on the maxillary right molar implants which was probably masked by the strong IAN pain.

The doctor suspected #6 implant was touching the wall of right maxillary sinus and had inflamed the lining of the wall and this was probably the cause of my pain. Implant #6 was removed last year and the pain was reduced but not complete gone. The doctor at this point said that if the pain does not go away within nine months I will have to live with it.

Nine months have gone by and the pain starts getting worse, it wakes me up every 2 to 3 hours and as a result I sleep in intervals. Good thing I took an early retirement from HP when I started the full mouth implant restoration and I have the luxury to go to bed and get up any time is needed. I noticed that if I sleep straight from the waste up the pain subsides a little. At the same time I have hot flashes on both cheeks exactly below the ears, this is more irritating that painful because the pain masks it.

I visited last week a “head and neck” doctor, the diagnosis was that the pain is not related at all to sinus , it is most likely TN type of pain related to maxillary nerve or related nerve and that she will not know for sure unless I remove all the implants.

My question to you is this; Is anyone here that was or still going with a painful TN pain that wakes you up every couple of hours that will drive any human crazy? The doctor says that when you lay down the brain has no stimulation and pays attention to any abnormal nerve pain and wakes you up. Strangely enough I discover that when I laugh the pain gets better, of course I don’t cry because I cry very bad and people don’t like it…lol

Any input will be grater appreciated.



I went to a different dentist for second opinion, here my eye tooth was causing inflammation on the T nerve and may have been causing the TN, better so far after root canal. I pray it stays gone. I would just sit and cry - no relief with pain. I would have to prop up to sleep, and I tried saving all my narcotics for bed time just so I could sleep 4 hours. Pain woke me up too.

Thank you Eve, the only thing that gives me pain relieve is hot compress on the face and getting out of bed for a while. I had both V3 and V2 damaged by implants so not sure what is still hunting me. I have changed dentist long time ago in fact I am suing the dentist that caused the damage long time agi because he was and still is on denial.....cheers

Have you had an MRI? Mine showed enlarged Adenoids (still had as an adult) and they performed an Adenoidectomy and that helped too (around same time as root canal) good luck, dentistry can cause s whole realm of nerve problems.

Hi Nikos, My TN was caused by dental also but I cannot say it was do to make practise. I am stuck with a gaping whole for which I use a " flipper tooth". I am scared to hv a transplant for fear or worse TN! Your post was very helpful and I do NOT plan on one any time soon!