TN awareness day

this is my first blog so not sure iam even doing it right :-) to be honest iam not even sure what a blog is but i wanted to share a pic of my mum when she came to visit me today wearing her teal colours in support of TN ,she is my biggest support,,,love you mum xxxx

That's a lovely photo. Glad you have your Mum to support you!

Take care.


So awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!
Thank your Mom too for supporting, it means a lot!
(( hugs )) Mimi

thank you :-) x


Great Photo!! Thanks for sharing

thank sladies,,she is amazing,,dont know where i would be without her x

heres another pic i thought i would shae,,i got this tattoo for awareness day,,looks a bit sore and swollen on the pic but now its all calmed down and the teal looks much brighter :-)

Hi everyone…want to say a big thank you go my son and his friends at rangers media for their generous donation to bens friends,love you xx