TN and the eye

In the last week something has been going on with my left eye. I feel its from the TN as Im also having the old "nail poking my ear" feeling.

Any way the symptoms of they eye are the following;

Pressure as if you put your palm over it and press a little

Coldnesss feeling as if its coming from the back of the eyeball

frequent blinking

slight tearing, not alot of tears but just a little, enough to make me want to wipe my eye every so often.

Slight blurry/foggy ness

No loss of color

I have left a message with my Neuro but they have yet to return my call. As anyone ever had this? could it be Optical Neuritis?

Some back history- I have atypical non-compression TN on my right side. The left side started showing symptoms this past spring and the doc thinks she saw a vessel sitting on the nerve on that side but they need to do further testing.

Think it needs checking out. I used to get a lot of pain in my eye before I had my MVD, when the TN returned I did not get that, but I do get a very painful ear, I am deaf in that ear so perhaps it is something to do with that. Would chase up your Neuro, or go to see your doctor. Perhaps others could help more than me. Margaret