TN and chocolate what a combination

OMG ....... I got carried away with chocolate and now I am suffering in pain big time, hopefully this doesn't last for days? outside of chocolate (I learned my lesson) what other foods do you find that triggers your TN and you should avoid?

What are the foods besides oatmeal, pudding, and jello lol can one eat? is there a TN food list or is it up to the individual?

Happy 2013 to all!

Hmmmm, I eat LOTS of chocolate and it never bothers me. Sometimes if I have to chew something that's really hard (like a carrot) or a tough steak, I may have some breakthrough. But since I have upped my meds, my last attack went away and I am good for now. I just refuse to eat anything really hard and I just pray that my steaks are not tough, LOL.

No!!!! Not Chocolate!!! That would have to be it for me. I'm a total addict! I have never had any issues with chocolate, but when chewing anything hard...chips, apples, tough meat, I will sometimes have some pain associated with that. The pain so far hasn't been horrible when triggered by eating, so I'm still eating as I normally do (not that that's always a good thing. Ha!) Happy 2013!