Tired of being in pain

I'm so tired of being in pain. I went to the orthodpedist to follow up on my knee, hoping for some good news. Well, I need arthroscopic surgery for my meniscus. Not a big deal, I've had it done on both of my kneeds already. The problem is my face and needing an MVD. So, I explained the dilemma to the orthopedic surgeon and he said that I need to take care of the MVD first. I started PT today to strengthen my leg while I'm waiting for the surgery. I left another message for the neurosurgeon today (not in today). I was in so much pain I called Kaiser and left a message for the neuro nurse. I took a Vicodin with no relief. When I got no response I called and was given an urgent care appointment. The doctor increased the dosage on the Vicodin and told me to follow up with the neurosurgeon. I asked about the lidocaine patch but he told me it wouldn't be strong enough. I hope the neurosurgeon calls me back tomorrow.


Kathy, i have found that percocet helps better with the pain…and i sure hope the surgen calls you back…janice

Janice, I think you are right with the Percocet. The Vicodin gives me bad headaches. I'm glad you mentioned this because I kept trying to remember what they replaced the Vicodin with the last time that worked better. I've been just suffering. I may go to the urgent care tomorrow if things don't improve. I got a call from the neurosurgeon's scheduler on Friday and she promised either she or the surgeon would call me back on Friday. Alas, no call. Still waiting.

Ur welcome hun, im here if you need me…i have yet to see a neurosurgen…because my TN onlu acts up during fall and winter…but when it does i just want to cry and my hubby doesnt realize how bad it hurts :(…anyways im always here for you :slight_smile:

Thank you. I'm sorry to hear you are getting into "pain season." I can understand it because my pain was much worse in the winter. Of course that is when I had the root canal that triggered this nonstop episode. I'm praying that I can get the surgery done before the winter cold gets here. I'm here for you too.

Im leaning towards getting the surgery but im scared for it…and dont know how much my insurance will cover…rite now im take perocet for the pain and 300mg of gabapentin 3 times a day but it doesnt seem to be touching it :/…and i am really thinking about talking to a lawyer to see if something can be done since the pain started after my first root canal…because i will if i have to suffer so should the dentist i went too…anyhow enought about that…i am also here if u need to talk or vent…hope that you are pain free unfree you see a doctor…janice

I know how you feel. I'm terrified of the surgery but I'm out of medication options. The pain has been unrelenting since February and I want it gone. The neurosurgeon is concerned because I have the pain all the time so it lowers the chances of it working. I don't have any other choice at this point so some chance is better than none. The risks and recovery scare me. I still think it is worth a try, especially if there is a chance of full relief.

I can honestly say, I was having symptoms before the root canal. They started after my car accident but I was never given a diagnosis and the attacks were very far apart. I was diagnosed with TMJ. The root canal early this year just made it bad enough to be diagnosed correctly.

Spoke to the neurosurgeon, he is not convinced that MVD will help me. He wants to send me to another neurosurgeon who specializes in pain mangagement to consider the glycerol injection. Now, the waiting game for the insurance to approve the consult.

I hope that ur insurance approves it rather fastly so that you can move on with the nest step…as for me since saturday my TN has been non stop, but today is the first break from it and it feels almost to good to be true but it makes me remember what is was like before the pain…my hubby came home from lunch today to a smile on my face and you could tell that he was releaved he was greated with a smile instead of tears in my eyes…anyhow enough about me thank you for keeping me updated and i look forward into hearing about what the insurance says…good luck hun and i hope that you have found some relief…janice