This is not at all good for people in pain from the FDA

Although Vicodin is not really that effective for TN, this latest news is not good for people in pain.

I saw that yesterday. They took me off of anything with codeine last December and put me on a class 2 narcotic (nucenta). It is hard to get filled and I have to call the pharmacy the day of the appointment to make sure they can get it within a week or so. Without the Tylenol or Advil I get no relief from inflammation of any type and I do not like the class 2 idea at all. They say "no street value and not as addicting". I have to throw down a BS card on that one. I take it for mastoid pain and headaches right now not for the TN (had MVD 14 months ago) and am dealing with complications from that now. Long hard road but I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel now that I have a group of doctors fighting the disaster created by the surgeon.

I think the argument could be made that if you give people in pain more options the overdose rate may go down. But the article is citing all overdoses, not just those of pain patients. But if pain patients are in pain and know that there is no relief, then suicide becomes a real option. Why is it that the government is so interested in addiction, they'll throw anybody with a real pain problem under the bus, just as long as they don't let that addict get pain pills???

I don't know why the government has to be involved in many aspects of one's individual health care in the US.

But, when they make an individual that really needs the meds for pain feel like a dirty street addict it just becomes degrading and frustrating. When I went to the doctor to refill the last Rx and had to do the "pee in the bottle" the nurse was stupid enough to tell me they were not doing a drug test but were checking on liver function only! Well, that test is not upwards of $1,500......and they also say they do not test for marijuana. Right? It is not legal for medical use in TX anyway and I would not take the chance of not being able to get a RX for something I do need. Worse yet, the pharmacist is concerned about the pain medication but he said it was better/safer than the codeine. It just does not work as well for me. Very frustrating, however I am caught between a rock and a hard place as many are right now and is only going to get worse. There are times when I think there is no way to "carry on" but I pray that there is an answer somewhere and seek comfort and help from others. This site has been great when you feel like you are at the end of you rope.