The words escape me

Ok, so I am on topamax (lovingly called dopamax) AND Tegretol and I feel as if I am losing my mind! I can't find the words to complete sentences. I stop mid-sentence and forget what I was talking about. I will be in the middle of a story or conversation and be completely lost as to where I was or what the point was. Some people may say that this is a normal process of aging, but this was not me a couple of months ago. And to boot, now I think I am going bilateral. Sounds kinda sexy if you have no idea what I'm talking about, but in this case it means; my scalp is liquid fire all over now, not just one side, lightning takes turns shooting through both eyes, at times, I can barely talk due to pain from facial expressions, it hurts to move my eyebrows in any way, or cheeks, both ears hurt. It is difficult to "smile and bare it" when you can't even smile. Sorry to be a huge downer, bad day. It is had to stay positive when you head is in a vice that tightens whith eye movements.

Here are my questions for my fellow sufferers that have more experience with this: PLEASE ANSWER:(

Does this "mind melt" ever get better while on the medication?

Do I have to accept the options of being in pain or living with the side effects of medication for the rest of my life?

Has anyone had success with any 'alternative' therapies? (accupuncture, Atlas...)

I really don't want to have surgery, and I 'm not so sure that I'm a candidate for surgery so I'm looking for some advice, PLEASE:)

I’m the same way when I talk too. Or I’ll mix words up & then I make no sense at all. I’ll ask the person I’m talking to if they understood me or at least what I meant to say. By that point, I totally forget my point. This is one of the reasons that I’m not working any more. If my own family can’t understand me, how can I expect others to? It makes me feel very stupid. Before all this started, I was at the top of my large company & not stupid! I can’t get surgery…I have to learn to deal with it too. It’s not easy feelin stupid & knowing somewhere in my brain that I’m not. Tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully better for u! If nothing else, someone told me go for 1 minute to the next not even day by day. Good luck!!

I am forgetful of my words too. I haven't tried alternative therapies. I just figure when meds don't work, I am going straight for the MVD. Sorry I don't have much advice but I do have BIG HUGS for you!