The Second Surgery Approaches

This past Friday (5/24) I was sent to have a diagnostic MRI to really figure out what what going on. I was given a new concept of the MRI, something called a CISS sequence that lasted a little over an hour in the 'tube'. Well, today (5/28) I was given the diagnosis. We had thought the artery had slipped and fallen back into place - However, it is a wholew new problem. It turns out that a SECOND artery has decided to fall and kink up the nerve itself. I am scheduled to go into surgery on June 10th of this year for a second microvascular decompression. He is going to remove the old padding, add new and double it, as well stitching the artery to the skull wall to finally prevent it from falling. The surgeon says its a newer idea to help treat TN from returning. I really hope it works.

Very bummed right now. Sorry guys.

Don’t apologize BobaFett, another surgery is probably not what you had foreseen.
Although I’m sorry you have to go through it again, I’m encouraged that your doctor was able to find the issue and is willing to take care of it, hopefully for long lasting results!
Sometimes, it’s the end result we have to focus on… I’m trying not so well I might add to focus my thinking this way too. I’m only 7 weeks post op from my mvd and discouraged by my low energy levels. I know I need to be patient and that all this slow going will lead to perhaps a normal life again, but it’s a struggle.

I’m grateful for no TN pain every moment of everyday, I’d just like to hurry up and start living again.

I’m sending you lots of positive thoughts for your upcoming surgery, praying that this will at last give you the relief of pain.

((( hugs ))) Mimi

Good luck to you hun! Hopefully this time will work for you. (((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) and you be sure to keep us posted after your surgery, or have someone else log in and do it for you.