The Dark Side

Living with this problem, I've found I have become quite intolerant, easily nauseated... To explain, I was (well to my biased point of view ) a pretty good model citizen. Happy dealing with all sorts of individuals, regardless of colour, creed etc. And it all came very easily.

NOW, living with this pain & nausea, I have a much lower tolernace of a lot of things. Like accents, bad movies, pain in the bum people.. etc oh and gore. I now can't watch surgical procedures... my nausea level being high, the slightest bit of gore makes me really queezy, and I turn away. Similarly, if the person being interviewed has a strong accent, and requires a degree of concentration to understand - well once, who cares, we're all different! No problem. Now, I change stations. Can't stand to listen. I find the accent extremely irritating.

And the positive thing from this - thru my life I've never understood predjudice, short temper, rudeness. Now I can see why that some people, perhaps from birth, have some disorder bubbling away below the surface that constrains or directs them. So I find I have to make a real effort to engage, to be polite, avoid rudeness. I have'nt allowed this ATN thing turn me into a bigot, and that requires on going effort. And now I can understand how some people react to their environment in a manner that once I just couldn't understand.

I can has become serious....and I just married a sweet guy who has been a bachelor for 28 years and he is still ready to go play and I absolutley cant be the fun buddy he is really taking stress into our change Even good days we must play differently as I just cant do the things I use to....

I’m with you too!! I use to be bubbling and a big problem solver for work, friends, & my family. Now, if I can help my kids @ home, I count it as a good day. I feel like I have so much more to offer life & people but just can’t any more. It can be very frustrusrating. Remember that sometimes it is the small things we that mean the most. :slight_smile: but on my bad days, I could just sleep all day or yell at everyone. Just hope & pray for more good days than bad ones.

Yes, I've come to miss "old Craig". He was a patient, caring and creative person. The dissonace between what I am now and was then, was a real problem. But now, with a peace that surpasses all understanding, I've come to accept myself as I am. Mostly!

Craig, I just had to laugh at the accent thing... I was watching tv with my hubby the other day. A woman was talking and for the life of me I could NOT understand her. She kind of had an accent, but not really, I just could not understand her and I had to tune her out. So I totalllly get what you're saying.. LOL