The capsaicin 8% patch for neuropathic pain in clinical practice

A recent article on the use of Capsaicin in patch form may be of interest to our members who deal with Type II TN or Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain. See this link.


Wagner T et al. - The study aims to investigate the response of patients with peripheral neuropathic pain (PNP) to capsaicin 8% patch treatment in a clinical setting. This analysis demonstrates that in clinical practice, the capsaicin 8% patch provides rapid and sustained pain reductions in patients with a variety of PNP conditions and a significant reduction in prescribed concomitant NP medications. The capsaicin 8% patch can be a valuable addition to the NP treatment armory for certain patients.

Regards all,

Red Lawhern, Ph.D.

Resident Research Analyst, LwTN

Thanks so much for this Red! My Dad got relief from sciatica with patches on knee of lidocaine.

If these type patches of capsacin would work on reducing even a little bit of periphrial neuropathy in his legs

He could maybe get some even MORE relief!

When you have what he has - Dr. just gives you gabapentin and says thats' it --- but I keep searching for him, only 69 years young and not wanting to stop bowling----- or walking!