Capsaicin topical, oral, dietary or any other way

Have read a few posts of people using capsaicin as a cream, I assume applied on skin on painful area, comments were it takes a week or so before pain relief is noticed. There was a youtube video where the guy applied it to mouthguard to treat gum area of affected side, very messy, but claimed was permanent cure to kill off nerve, link below:

Just wondering if anyone has tried a binge week of hot curry’s or anything else “out of the box”?

Interesting, he is claiming that it actually kills the nerve? My understanding was that it depleted certain chemicals that helped with the transmission of pain signals. But apparently he is using a 10 % solution of capsaicin? (40% diluted 1 to 4) Criminy that is REALLY strong–I’ve used a .1% cream and that feels pretty uncomfortable, and I have a high pain tolerance. I don’t know, I would be very nervous about applying a 10% solution for a half hour. But I have ATN, not classic TN.

I do have an experiment going with the capsaicin and lidocaine that I detailed in the other thread on ATN. It is only day 3, but so far I am pretty happy with how things are going, I’m able to skip the gum chewing for the first time in months.

I’ve tried eating hot curries, and even applying a piece of hot pepper to the gums. In my experience this wasn’t terribly helpful. A hot meal might give you a bit of relief for a half hour or so after the meal, but not much more. I can’t imagine it would do anything for classic TN.

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Yes agree, 10% sounds quite severe and likely not without risk, but still keeping a tab on it as a possible future intervention if required.
I did see your other post on the cream & also golfgirls, am researching any management options that are available, particularly those that are least harmful/intrusive with minimal side effects etc.
We may still the hot curry binge, haven’t raised a good sweat for a while.

Just linking other thread with comments on cream.

Thinking about that video again, using a 10% capsaicin solution sounds very dangerous, and could cause damage, perhaps permanent, to the mouth, esophagus, and intestinal tract. (Think about how it feels when you eat a spicy meal!). I sincerely hope no one tries this on their own. If the idea has any merit at all (which I am dubious about), it should be totally supervised by a medical professional.

I’m in the process of using Dr. Hugh’s solution, with a homemade toothguard… As I too had concerns about the hot solution being applied to the gums, I started by diluting my capsaicin extract which is stronger than his (it should be 1 drop to 9 of alcohol in my case), I started with 1/17… then 1/12. So far, wow, is it hot, and you do drool a lot, but it is nothing compared to TN. And the sensation gradually goes from hot to an almost pleasant itch. So far, my gums are ok. Of course, they are slightly reddened after the treatment but it goes away fast. Gotta be careful not to get any on your fingers though, and if some goes in your mouth, you’ll get a coughing fit. Now, I don’t know if it’s from this or if my TN has been subsiding on its own already, but (cross fingers) I do start to feel a favorable change.

glad it’s helping you Zapped-Novelist, do you have type 1 (shooting pain) or type 2 (burning, tingling, dull ache)?

Hello Greg, I have type 1.

This sounds promising, I know of a capsaicin patch 8% (Qutenza) and NBCI studies that say it helps people with facial nerve pain. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the patch, so I may give this method a try.

Has anyone tried the patch or heard of anyone that has?

Thanks for info, looking forward to your updates, hope all goes well for you.

Sparky, if you haven’t seen this, you might find it interesting:

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I have met a man from the Middle Rast who had TN. He treats it with Pakastani Black Seed which he pored into empty capsules making a pill. It is a herb no more powerful ghsn onion or cumin but when I use it, my pain decreases. It cost about $2-3 dollars for a pound. You must but it from a Pakastani shop. They call it something like Korengee.
Investigate on internet best dose. I took two capsules in morning and two after dinner.

Hi ziggy ,like you I too have ATN and you are the first person I have come upon that also chews gum for relief! But could you please share with me/ us your ongoing experiment with capaisican and lidocaine as I have exhausted the drug line.Thanks so much!

Eileen, I’m happy to give a run down of where I am right now with the “experiment”. To recap, about a month ago I purchased a topical capsaicin cream (.1% capsaicin) and a topical lidocaine gel (4% lidocaine). I’ve been mixing them 1 part capsaicin to 3 parts lidocaine, to give me a gel that is .025% capsaicin and 3% lidocaine. I apply this wiht a q-tip, approximately 4 times a day to the gum area that hurts. At times I take one of the green rubber tooth picks and apply a bit between the teeth.

I think I can say with confidence that things are moving in a positive direction, though slowly. I no longer have to chew gum or wear a mouth guard 24/7–there are several hours in the early morning, and evening, and sometimes in the early afternoon, when I can act like a normal person (no gum chewing!). I can get through social occasions without chewing gum. Nights are now pretty much pain free which is fantastic.

I also am no longer feeling the burning strip and numbness on the left side of my tongue, there is only a tiny bit of residual numbness. I emailed my dentist a few days ago, to get his opinion on the products I was using and how, and he had no problems with me continuing with this treatment.

I also started adding the 5 mg. Valium pill (I was using this separately) to the gel mix. I crush it between two spoons, and after a while it completely dissolves. That is working really well and seems to keep me pain free much longer. Not sure why I didn’t try it before…

It’s taken a lot of experimentation and failures to get to this point, but overall I’m pretty happy with how things are progressing. Days are up and down (today wasn’t great), but the trend is positive, and I’ll take that for now!

Just tuned in here…thank you so much ziggy for all that information! I shall definitely try the combination out.How good not to chew gum! I should have shares in "Wrigleys!"
I’m also happy for you that your pain levels are reducing…yay!

I also chew Wrigleys gum (doublemint and big red), soo tired of them! I used to chew sugar-free gum, but almost killed my dog a couple months back. He ate 3/4 of a pack, and one stick could kill him. Hope you find some better solutions also, as chewing gum constantly sucks.

Thanks for this tip. I have been adding peppermint oil to gum instead of chewing gum all the time, and it helps too.
I use Capsician cream in my ear and this helps.
I quit using Capsician cream on face because I would touch face and later rubbed my eyes which burns a lot, can’t see from watering in eyes.
I use peppermint life savors for throat pain.
I will definitively try your tip and thanks for given us enough details for applying.

I have a nasal capisicum spray my ENT prescribed for my facial pain. He thinks I might have midfacial segment pain syndrome. When my pain is peaking the spray seems to break that intense pain. I get about 20 min of relief and then its back to a dull roar rather than intense pain.

I also find chewing gum helps so much! For years I have done this as a distraction technique and for some reason it takes the edge off.

I am preparing to try Dr Spencer’s treatment protocol. How are your results with your own product and ratio mix? I am so exhausted by my TN1. Please share with me as many details as you can. Do you get the sense of the TN nerves dying back/being killed, as he mentioned? Are you doing your treatment 20, 30, minutes, or longer? Are you in communication with him about your process? What capsicum base product are you using? Sorry for so many questions. I need the offending nerves dead, now ouch! Thank you

How did you do your homemade tooth guard. I’m terrified of the plaster cast process Dr Spencer described. I’m certain that I will screaming and writhing for the cast to be made. I’m a newbie, and glad I came acrossthis site, and your case.