So today is Thanksgiving

And Hanukkah too

What a lucky world we live in

With so much to do.

We all sat a table

With plates all around

As mom and dad gave thanks

No others made a sound.

When the blessing was done

We all dug in

Turkey and dressing

Gravy dripping from our chins.

And when that was finished

There was more to be had

Cookies, pies, cakes,

It was all quite mad.

Then when the feast was done

We all stood from our chairs

And went to relax

Without a thought or care.

So happy Thanksgiving,

To everyone out there

And remember those less fortunate

Who had no feast to share.

They are our brothers

And our sisters too

The homeless, the forgotten

The rejected few.

So happy Thanksgiving

One last time

I hope you enjoyed

This simple rhyme.

By Houston Man

Defender of truth, justice, and the Houstonian way

Houston man, you did a pretty good job, it was a reminder of all the things I have to be thankful for. My mom, at 86 fixed the soft things she knows are my favorites. I went and ate with her and then she brought me back home we only live 5mins. apart. My pain was out of control and because she can't fix it. So I knew it was just better to come home.I am so thankful I still have her. She made 2 trips over here today to bring me a couple things.She's awesome! I own my house, it may fall down around me but that's ok, its mine. I have heat, water, electricity, ins.groceries, phone, Internet, Tv. SO I DO HAVE ALOT TO BE THANKFUL FOR THIS THANKSGIVING!!!!

Dawn, thank you for the warm thoughts...I hope your pain is better today. I've a good day so far and am thankful for that everytime it happens. Hang in there and give your mom a lot of hugs. I lost my mom almost two years ago and it still hurts worse than the worse TN pain ever could, but I push on because she would have kicked me in the rear end if I even thought of giving up. Check in around Christmas for the Christmas poem....Houston man