Giving Thanks

Sometimes we are too busy thinking of our losses due to the TN, that we forget the good things we have.

I am thankful for my family, for the unconditional love they give me every day.

I am thankful of my friends. They have stayed by my side and made me smile on the inside even when I couldn't smile on the outside.

I am thankful for my dog somehow knows I am having a really bad day and will watch over me.

I am thankful that I have a roof over my head, food on the table and shoes on my feet (even if they don't match some days ;-) ! )

I am thankful I have a doctor who listens to me and is trying to find a way to alleviate my pain.

I am thankful I live in America and for the troops that protect our freedoms.

I am thankful that this support group is here to help me through the rough times.

I am thankful I have good insurance that helps cover the costs of this horrible affliction.

I am thankful for the spoons I do have each day!

I agree, its important to find something to be positive about. Althought i wish there was no violence or military in any country..wish people just didnt fight, this is a big place, everyone should just share *Sigh* ANYWAY :P

I agree with all else(not meqaning to put down those who would fight for what they personally believe in, just wish they didnt even..need to.)

Good to see positivity and i thought it deserved a reply because its so easy to focus on bad things that it becomes habit that we often reject of simply feel blind to what we do have. Its easy when u feel ill to be in a perky mood all the time but remebering good things caqn make us happier to.

wait hold on it thanksgiving..are you in america lolXD i dont know what date that normally is (clueless european) 21st on november 'turkey day' lol...i am just laughing because no one has said anything appreciative online like that for ages that i have seen.

Thanksgiving is everyday ^_^ <3

Yes I am in the U.S. Yes the 4th Thursday of November is always Thanksgiving here.

And I agree 100% with your last statement, every day we should be thankful!