I have been dealing with my GPN now for almost 3 months straight. I am allergic to so many meds and the ones I am on now are not blocking the shocks so it is time for surgery. Can any of you out there who have had the Microvascular decompression surgery tell me what I have to look forward to down the road? When asked how many of this type of surgery my neurosurgeon had done he said less than ten. My MRI doesn't show anything touching the nerve so I need to ask him what he plans to do if he sees nothing to fix.......I just know that I am tired of being on all of these meds. and I hope this is what it takes to fix this problem!

Sally, So sorry that you are dealing with this. Just keep giving the meds a try until you find one that works without negative side effects. There is something out there for you. However, it will most likely only buy you time and you will know when you are ready for the next step. I have had GPN for seven years. The first two years, I had no idea what it was. The third year was so intense, I ran to the Neuro. After a few years of negative side effects and still residual pain, I headed to NYC for a doctor with more experience. He suggested Trileptal, which is an "older" prescription and not as "popular". Well, that bought me two and a half years of no pain, just occasional symptoms. Unfortunately, that has lost potency and I am now scheduled for MVD, 11/20. In the beginning I was sure that MVD was not for me. Now, I am sure that it is! You will know. Each of us is different, and unique. With the time you have, do your research. If I had more time, I might have arranged the procedure in Pittsburgh. But since the symptoms waned, and returned within a few weeks, I am surrendering with confidence of a complete healing. (I have been in an episode since August, some relief in Oct, but returned just as the hurricane hit Long Island.) You are fortunate to be in this support group so early in your disease. I only found it recently. I will keep in touch with my GPN brothers and sisters and be there for you as well!

In regards to your MRI not showing the vessel and nerve touching, that was my biggest fear, as I was not experiencing pain when I had my MRI last month. Yet, it did show them touching. So I wonder what type of MRI was it? With/without contrast and fiesta cut? If not request that. Also, could be the quality of the image, try a different facility for the test. Finally, had my MRI been non-conclusive, my neurosurgeon suggested Gamma Knife procedure, which shrinks the nerve to reduce the over stimulated activity. This is a short term fix and does damage to the nerve. Would not have been my first choice, but an option to consider.