Greetings all you TN folks. I am super happy to have found this web site. There is so much great info here. I am your typical case I suppose, where suspected TN was confirmed on MRI about a year ago. I was prescribed Tegretol and Baclofen, which helped somewhat for a while, but their effects have all but diminished, and now there's not much that will prevent the shots and jolts and stabs and, well, you know what I'm talking about. I've had prior (unrelated) brain surgery for Hydrocephalus and CSF flow issues. That same surgeon has me set up for a new MRI next week to look again for the TN / compressed nerve. He says if he'll likely recommend the MVD surgery. Scary to me for sure. And life goes on...

Hello okieInPain and welcome to this board. It seems pretty quiet here the last few days. Hope you are doing well this weekend.

Hey Charlie, thanks for the welcome. The weekend is going well! I'm taking some time this evening to poke around here some more. So much info...

Hi Okie
Welcome to the site. The thought of MVD can be scary, but if you are with the right doctor, the outcome will be so worth it! I had MVD on both my left and right sides last year, and am now pain and med free. Keep looking around the site, and keep asking questions. The support from members here is fantastic!

Hi! I am from Oklahoma as well and was wondering if you have a doctor you really like. It’s extremely hard for me to find someone to help me. I’m 21 and had mvd surgery in December. It worked for 2 1/2 months and now the pain is back and I’m just getting worse. Most doctors don’t believe I have it or don’t want to do anything because they don’t want to be responsible for possibly making me worse. When I had mvd surgery the surgeon said I definitely have trigeminal neuralgia but it’s still difficult. Thank you for any advice you might have.

Sometimes better found in a high resolution Fiesta MRI

Hi Kayli… My ns is Dr. Shon Cook, he works out of Baptist Hospital and a couple others I think. Who did you have do your MVD? I might be able to throw a few other names out there.

Michael Sughrue at OU medical center did mine.