I had the MVD surgery on Monday. So far so “shocks”. I am having some pretty bad headaches. I’m hoping these go away soon!

Meant “so far no shocks”

I hope you are feeling better and that your hadaches are gone. Could it be a spinal fluid leak? Your doctor should be able to explain those postop side effects. I had difficulty swallowing for 10 days postop and needed a feeding tube but that resolved completely, I have no further pain but will cough at times, especially if my throat gets dry. My thoughts are with you this Christmas

No shocks, that is amazing. After my sons MVD surgery he had tingles as he called them for several months after his surgery and he was kept on epitol until they stopped. He had pretty bad headaches and light sensitivity but they to went away over time.

although i had rhizotomy and not MVD, i also had the headaches but they did lesson and finally went away. I think after the better drugs, Aleve is what helped me.