Summer ,Winter, after season change relief from TN attacks

I have had TN since 2005 and take Carbamazepine to help lessen severe TN pain.After the season changes,winter to spring,fall to winter,my pain problems go into remission,only to return at the next transistion period.I just wonder if anyone experiences the same situation wth their TN?

If I don't take my FULL 1200mg a day of tegretol xr I WILL get tingles and shocks. Not severe like before meds, but they will be there. Winter time, my head is wrapped like a burrito any time I go outside in the cold wind.

I find that summer is usually a little less painfull, depending on breeze. Winter time is a bitch! Even spring and fall are cold or cool where I live, so I don't find much relief in those seasons.