Changes in symptoms

I had a tooth break where I have the worst of my TN symptoms and since then, my symptoms have changed drastically. I now have what feels like a 'pony tail' headache... Like when you tie your hair back too tightly. That and I have flutters in my eyelids, tightness in the jaw.. still have pain sometimes. But.. we had a major weather change and have yet a brand new symptom that has cropped up and has lessened with a half of a 100mg Tegretol.

Today during a nap, I woke up to a searing pain around my left eye. It's .. similar to the pain felt if onion or pepper juice gets too close to tender skin. Touching it kinda lessens the pain, but I did rinse my skin there just to make sure it's not chemical. There is no redness, no swelling, no indications that something is irritating my eye, just burning pain.

anyone else have that happen?

I have the pain behind my right eye however mine feels more like im being stabbed behind the eye, its the most painful thing i have experienced including passing kidney stones, I have not a symptom in two weeks this morning i woke up having one , i have never been able to discern what triggers it, However I did notice today it was cold and raining and the last 2 weeks have been no rain and warm so maybe weather? I just dont know

I get that too, but this time, it was burning on the eyelid and around the edge. After I took the extra tegratol, it helped majorly. Anything at all can trigger it or sometimes, nothing at all. it's so tricky