TN in all 3 Branches! Is this possible? Please read


First, I am having some serious issues and currently seeing a ENT and schedule for a MRI Friday. I was just curious if you can have TN in all three branches and if it can come on suddenly. These are my symptoms:

4 months ago, tongue burning, throb in tonsil, sore throat, ear pain, unilateral then
2 months ago, my cheek and jaw on both sides started hurting along
with back molars bilateral
1 week ago, a few burning zaps in forehead, and weird pains in eyes bilateral

This all sounds like Trigeminal Neuralgia, but it's weird that it's been constant and every day is new point on my face. Also, my neck hurts also.

Any input would be appreciated, because sometimes it's hard to find a doctor to listen to you without thinking your crazy or pill chasing. I haven't ask for anything for pain yet, but it's so severe now that I am.

Yep! It can jump all over--left and right-- some people on here have even had index finger pain... it actually makes no sense at all... but i guess the injured nerve just fires randomly in different places causing different sensations... I swore i had an ear infection a few weeks ago b/c my ear felt full of liquid and hurt...but the next week I had mild pains behind my eyeball... sometimes i get random shooting tooth pains on the other side of my face...also get numbness and a drooping eye... all brief and not very painful b/c the tegretol is working... insane....

hope you get it all under control soon...

My main symptoms have really come on quickly in the last two months and especially the last week? Is that normal? I'm scared I'm having a stroke or something. My head will have a quick ache in the back of the head, then the forehead, temples and then sometimes I will get a burning sensation. Crazy Stuff!


google images trigeminal neuralgia

And / or

Google images atypical face pain

Give picture to your doc! Whichever one fits you best.


I have been diagnoses with TN Type 2 in all three branches. The pain affects chin, jaws, gums, cheeks, eyelids, eybrows, nose and ears. The pain is constant as well as short sharp and very painful attacks.

Hope this helps!

Have you ever had tongue pain?

Thank you!

Hi Wellington90,

no thankfully not. But if you type "toungue" into the search field you will find that many other members here have!

Yes, I have pain in all three branches on the left and one on the right at present and about the time I figure out which one might be hurting "more" than the others, it changes. The types of pain change as well...stabbing, zaps, throbbing, throbbing bolts running along the nerves, swollen painful parts of face and mouth. It would be wonderful if it could stick to a certain place or type for a bit!