Starting down the road

I started taking carbamazepin 200mg twice a day and my symptoms went away before the second dose. I don't know if the episode was just over or the meds stopped it. I'm a bit high and clumbsy when I take the meds. My GP who gave me the script originally wanted to increase the dosage, but since it worked so quickly, he keep me at the same dosage. I'm wondering if I can take it just when needed since all my episodes have come on slowly. I'll ask the neurologist. I have an appointment with a new doctor, Dr Thai, a neurologist in Bethesda MD who's secretary says has experience with TN. I'm having an MRI tomorrow. Thinking about acupuncture and yoga.

Hi Hal, unfortunately Tegretol can’t be taken on an as needed basis, ( I wish) but usually the initial side effects ( clumsy, high etc) you feel tend to subside as your body adjusts to the med…tegretol needs to build in your system. My initial response to tegretol was just like yours!

I’m not a doctor just relaying my own experiences…definitely talk to your doctor.