Sphenopalatine ganglion block

has anyone had this procedure? what was the outcome? the pain specialist said they would access through the nostral

Sorry haven’t heard of it! Good luck.

I had it done at the Arnold Pain Management Center at Beth Israel Hospita n Boston.l. They start with a long cotton tip applicator with a numbing agent. They went further and further up, being very cognizant

of my discomfort levels. They then put an injection of lydocain. We waited and waited. I finally touched my upper lip and there was no change (10+, peel me off the ceiling pain). They wished me well, said I done everything available (meds, 2 gamma knife radio-surgeries, acupuncture), but they had nothing else to offer me. I still remain hopeful, this site has so many well informed people all pulling together to find relief from this awful, excruciating disease. I try to find something joyous every day and that helps a little. I wish you well with the sphenopalatine ganglion block. Anything you try puts you closer to finding relief and made me feel like I was, at least, doing something. Be well, Ellen

I tried this. My pain management doctor gave me this block and said I could have up to 3 within 6 month period to see if I get my pain under control. After the 1st block I received some pain relief for about a week. Had to wait a month to receive the next and that block cause more pain and gave my pain for the first time along V1 of the nerve. So I never went back for the 3rd block. Too afraid. But I do remember having some relief the first time. So like all the others on this site...I would do most anything for even a little relief for even some of the time! Hope you find yours and that it lasts!

i found an awesome site- clinicaltrials.gov Do basic search on trigeminal. You get a list of studies done. The study for the nasal procedure is not complete which means they don’t know the side effects or efficasy

My tn recently came out of remission. I had the worst episode that I ever had. I’m taking 600 mg lamotrigine and 10mg of baclofen. I’m always sceptical of meds. They are either working or I’m gradually going back into remission. It’s scary. I don’t want to aggravate it or miss a dose - fearing I’ll trigger that episode. I have to eat BEFORE a dose or I’ll get dizzy, but sometimes I get slighly dizzy between doses, so I’m scared to be somewhere other than home if I get dizzy. Boy o boy!!