Sphenopalatine ganglion block question

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Can anybody let me know if they have had this done and did it help? I’m having the surgical version done soon. Thanx . Prayers please

Hi. I had it done, but it did not work for me. However, my pain is not the jolting type. It is what Dr. Mark Linskey categorizes as type 3 Atypical neuropathic pain or something like that. I’ll have to find my notes. Anyway, my neurologist, who performed the procedure, says she has had success with other patients, so I wish you well. I did not have any ill effects from it, so I don’t feel I lost anything by having tried it.

I should add that my pain is the boring, burning, constant type. I recently read somewhere on a message board (might have been this one) a post by someone who felt they had cured their TN with CBD Cannabidiol oil. After years of pain, I didn’t hold out much hope, since the only thing that had eased it for me has been oxycodone, but even that was no longer working and I was at 50mg or more daily. Anyway, one of the countless doctors I had seen had given me this CBD oil in a nose spray form (no THC, so it doesn’t get me high, but I believe there are similar sprays that do have THC). I used it on my left TN side only-- burned like crazy for the first 10 minutes-- then RELIEF! I am beside myself with joy. I’ve been using it the past week and have lowered my oxy consumption by 60%. I believe I could already be completely off it were it not for all the body aches I now have from having spent the past two years mostly in bed. Since my pain abated only when I slept, naturally I wanted to sleep all the time. Anyway, this feels like my miracle, so I wanted to put it out there. I’ve had occipital nerve blocks, sphenopalatine blocks, pulsed radiofrequency, nothing has worked before.